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Ageless herbal products

Our superior manufactured Ageless herbal products are listed below, with links to each information page.

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Herbal skin care Ageless herbal products

Healing Cream
Our Healing Cream, famed for its healing and restorative properties, contains a selection of herbs, such as centella, white lily, aloe, birch, calendula, chickweed etc to help heal wounds, burns, assist with psoriasis and other problems.
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Herbal Face Wash
This ultra-mild face wash will gently, yet effectively cleanse your skin while improving the tone, quality and health of your skin. It contains various herbs such as camomile, hibiscus, soy and white lily.
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Herbal Eye Gel
This popular product removes dark rings, bags under the eyes and puffy eyes. It contains butcher's broom, centella, camomile, cornflower, green tea, horsetail, ivy, lady's mantle, extract of germinated wheat, as well as rosehip to keep your eye area looking young and smooth.
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Moisturizing Day Cream
This superb moisturizing day cream is compatible for all skin types. It actively helps to fight aging and contains centella, camomile, hibiscus, rose, rosehip, soy and white lily extracts.
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Nourishing Night Cream
Not only will our night cream deeply nourish the skin, but will fight aging and free radicals with botanical extracts of aloe, calendula, centella, camomile, ginseng, green tea, jojoba, rosehip, rosemary and added vitamin E.
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Herbal Mud Face Mask
This mask helps clear the skin and boosts the health of your skin, with almond, aloe, centella, MSM, oats, rosehip, soy, tea tree, kaolin, as well as thermal mud. It should be used weekly for a fresh and young looking complexion.
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Hand and Body Lotion
The almond and avocado will deeply penetrate your skin to leave it soft and moisture filled while the soy, centella, green tea and white lily will promote a healthier and younger looking skin.
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Herbal hair care Ageless herbal products

Rosemary Shampoo
This mild shampoo will not only cleanse your hair, but will provide your hair with shine and bounce, whilst improving the health of your hair and scalp with fresh rosemary, camomile, green tea, lavender and tea tree.
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Rosemary Conditioner

This is really more a hair treatment than a plain hair conditioner.
To get your hair in prime condition, we combined fresh rosemary with nettle and vegetable protein to nourish and feed your hair, plus camomile and birch to add shine and green tea to protect.
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Specialized herbal gels Ageless herbal products

Stretch Mark Gel
The active ingredients will prevent stretch marks, and help heal the ones already formed and include calendula, centella, chickweed, ginseng, green tea, hibiscus, horsetail, ivy, lady's mantle and marshmallow to work in perfect harmony, to help heal and prevent stretch marks.
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Herbal supplements Ageless herbal products

Apple Cider Vinegar
This ancient folk remedy is used for weight loss, arthritis, 'restless-leg' syndrome plus many more. It is used to improve your general well-being and a dash can also be added to your final rinse water when washing hair to improve the shine.
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Herbal Digest Capsules
Never know the discomfort of constipation again - and without any laxatives or purging medication. Psyllium will gently ensure bowel movements while fenugreek will assist digestion - and can be taken on a continuous basis.
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Herbal Detox Capsules
Let the miracle of fennel, basil, parsley and celery work its magic on your body, to help you detox and restore the metabolism of your body the natural way.
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Herbal Urinary Health Capsules
If you are plagued by frequent urination, burning urine or recurrent bladder and kidney infections, then let the extract of cranberry and dandelion, coupled with vitamin C, help you solve this problem naturally.
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Herbal Tri-Mushroom Blend Capsules
We have blended the healing and protective powers of Maitake, Shiitake and Reishi mushrooms together to create an amazing herbal supplement.
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Herbal Olive Leaf Extract Capsules
Fight bacteria, viruses and fungi. Candida, chronic fatigue etc responds well to these pure 500 mg olive leaf extract capsules and people with psoriasis also report great benefit.
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Herbal Sexual Health Capsules (Vuka Nkuzi)


This natural supplement will help any man reach his full potential and is a mix of a selection of herbs to help improve a man's sex life.

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